Launch collection of Claudia Schiffer for TSE on British Vogue Online

Launch collection of Claudia Schiffer for TSE on British Vogue Online

First Look of the Collection of Claudia Schiffer for TSE

Claudia Schiffer announced that she was creating a collection for luxury cashmere label TSE back in February and in the birthday of Claudia (25 August) was launched.

“I’m trying to apply what I have learned working as a model with the most amazing designers for over 25 years. I have not only learned a lot, but also in particular formed many ideas of my own.”

“I was lucky to start my career working with the best, like Karl Lagerfeld, Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino and Gianni Versace, and many more where I have seen first-hand the designers work with the most luxurious fabrics, amazing tailoring and details and I still am learning.”

“I have kept all my clothes from over the years, so I have a great archive to go in and out for each season. For example I found an amazing red Chanel bag from 20 years ago, which is timeless, and then I update with a new pair of shoes or dress. Trends always come around again, so a pair of great Stella McCartney jeans from four years ago can be worn again this summer. When I design a collection I always think about longevity – will I still be wearing this in five or 10 years time?”

Cashmere, especially, holds special sentiment with Schiffer – who grew up borrowing from her parents’ cosy collection (“I still have one from my father, which still looks new because it’s so luxurious”) – so much so that it was actually the supermodel that approached TSE.

“I couldn’t always find great casual cashmere tops to wear with jeans for every day and as I have been a huge fan of TSE, having been introduced to them in the early Nineties in New York. I called them about collaborating on a knitwear collection and it’s an amazing experience working with one of the best in this field.”

With a second collection on the horizon Schiffer is well on her way to making the transition to fully fledged designer, with plans to even take a step back from fronting the campaigns and to hire her own models. For now though, she wants to establish her aesthetic first and foremost.

“I have always been a model and after more than 25 years in the fashion and beauty industry, it felt natural to dip my toes into design. I am hoping my message is getting across: timeless, effortless clothes for every day casual chic living, inspired by influences from my life in England.”

By Scarlett Conlon – British Vogue Online – 25 August 2015

Claudia Schiffer – British Vogue Online

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